The Recession And Putting Governing Back In Washington

The Recession And Putting Governing Back In Washington

By John Herd
June 12, 2012

Inertia has a huge influence in economics just as it does upon mass..

When a loaded supertanker makes an emergency stop by throwing the engines from full ahead to full reverse it still takes about 2 miles and 14 minutes before the supertanker will be stopped.

When emergency brakes are applied on a 90 to 120 car freight train going 55 miles per hour it will travel a mile or more before stopping, around 18 football fields.

An 8-car passenger train going 80 miles per hour will take about a mile to stop.

A compact car going 55 miles an hour will take about 200 feet to stop in an emergency under perfect conditions.

My point is that our severe national recession has had an immense amount of inertia and mass. Under the best of circumstances the downward spiral of our recession could not be quickly stopped, let alone turned around. That is under the best of circumstances.

To singularly blame the current presidency for the continuation of the recession is pure naiveté at best. In reality such accusations are nothing more than party politics.

Given the global economy, the interconnected economics of countries and companies, the global recession also continued the downward spiral of our recession. It continues to slow our recovery.

Then we have the US Congress that has seemed unwilling if not incapable of working together to take all possible measures to turn the US recession around. Politics is all about Republicans versus Democrats these days, not necessarily what needs to be attended to.

More specifically a lot of the politics we have seen has been the Republicans being determined to undermine anything the president tries to put forth in the hope doing so will help them defeat the president in the upcoming election.

Republicans, Democrats and just about any media pundit will tell you that a worsening economy, the more people are hurting, the better the chances are of getting a Republican into the White House.

To be fair the Democrats are probably not thrilled about trying to work with uncompromising Republicans either. The party politics has built its own inertia, downward momentum of ineffective if not paralyzed governing effectiveness.

The party politics, all the time the politicians spend mouthing rhetoric in the media, and all the time they spend conducting fund-raising is not going to bring about the kind of economic recovery we want to see, we need to see.

Politics is being put ahead of the well-being of the nation and the people.

It is time all Americans, Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike say enough is enough. We want elected officials to govern.

Maybe we need to take to the streets with this message the same way disenchanted Americans did in the 1960s.

Maybe we need a million person march on Washington, maybe right into the halls of Congress.

Maybe that’s what it will take to put the level of responsible governing we need back into Congress — scaring them so badly that they realize they’d better get back to work in the fashion the public wants them to.

John Herd, 2012
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