Karma Projection — Projecting Yourself Into The Cyclical Flow Of Friendliness

Karma Projection —
Projecting Yourself Into The Cyclical Flow Of Friendliness

By John Herd
January 28, 2012

Karma is a principle of cause and effect, what goes around comes around.

Though its roots come from ancient Indian philosophy similar philosophies can be found in many religions and cultures. Some of us gray-hairs embraced the concept of karma in the counter-culture 60s, not as a religious principle but as a life style philosophy of making the world a better place.

I do not intend to write of morality or religious principles so let’s put those aside and get down to what’s in it for you.

But first it must be noted that in a sense “what’s in it for you” can’t stand alone because it is inextricably interwoven with what’s in it for everyone around us, For now though let’s also put aside what’s in it for others.

I also do not intend to write a preachy discourse on morality, but rather just share some experiential observations of how the daily practice of karma projection can have profound very enjoyable positive impact on one’s life.

At first glance the subject of karma projection sounds fundamental if not boring, but lets be honest, how many really actively practice friendly karma projection daily and in turn fully experience how profoundly it can change one’s life?

Life’s challenging, it’s hectic, it’s demanding. The necessities of our lives can become akin to railroad tracks that hold us highly focused upon matters at hand. Often we may not even notice other people or things around us.

We pass by neighbors but may rarely talk to them or really know anything about them, let alone the vast majority of other strangers we see all day long. Life tends to become a maze of invisible fences that separate us from one another. It makes the world feel like a less friendly place.

Yet don’t we all want our worlds to feel like more friendly places? Would not the world be better off if everyone practiced trying to make it friendlier? Okay that may be a utopian concept but every little act adds to it, not necessarily in a small way. A mere pebble can start an avalanche. A small daily act can make our day and gradually our individual worlds feel far friendlier, more happy.

Okay, so even this sounds simplistically fundamental, but actively projecting friendly karma projection does very profoundly work. If a friendly gesture brings nothing more than a returned smile it still brightens one’s day. But it often brings far more. All it takes is a friendly comment, caring about people and listening.

I live by this principle and more importantly reap the benefits of it every day. I’ve long said if nice guys finish last then I’m determined to finish last. What’s come of this is that people’s friendliness every day continually surprises and delights me.

Almost wherever I go now, whether it be my favorite cafe, coffee shop, almost any of the area shops, or just out for a walk, I am greeted by people I consider good friends.

Living this way makes me cheerfully greet every new day and have go to bed each night with a smile on my face.

And it adds to my life in other ways too. Meeting people, talking to people, is like going to the library or museum; everyone has an interesting story or viewpoint. Others are constantly expanding my understanding of the world about me.

Although my life may not be all I’d like it to be, because of what I receive from a little friendly karma projection I can’t help but feel fulfilled.

I highly recommend your trying this cyclical flow of friendliness yourself if you’re not already; it’s really not anything particularly special but it is quite wonderful.

John Herd
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