Missed Opportunity :-)

Missed Opportunity 🙂

By John Herd
December 2, 1011

Disclaimer: This is actually a satirical picture of me.

The Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) and their law firms blew it; instead of a law firm contacting me they should have sent a hit man because WPI used to be named in my will as a significant beneficiary.

If I had been knocked off not only would I have been shut up, but WPI could have gotten a significant infusion of funds. No longer though, I have changed my will. 🙂

Long ago I contacted the WPI office to get needed information for naming them in my will. I informed the WPI official about what I was doing, an action that could have represented a very sizable amount of money. To my surprise I never received any kind of official thank you. Talk about poor PR and something slipping between the cracks.

John Herd


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