There Are Limits To Forgiving

There Are Limits To Forgiving

By John Herd
October 3, 2011

Today it became public that Annette Whittemore, the head of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute (WPI), has fired Dr. Mikovits.

I feel as if Annette’s latests action has zapped me with a taser.

It’s strange in a sense to be feeling such a reaction because many of us have suspected for some time that the WPI was a sinking ship with immense internal problems.

Annette has over time made an ongoing succession of what have appeared to be very unwise moves.

Many of Annette’s decisions have seemed counter to the best interests of WPI, of science and the best interests of the patients. There has seemed to be plenty of questionable history that’s transpired behind the doors of WPI, none of which I’ll talk about at in this piece. I’ll leave that up to those more directly involved.

So why am I now feeling the level of surprise at what is actually but one more in the succession?

Am I feeling so stunned now because Judy Mikovits’ firing has all the appearance of being the likely final chapter of the WPI story? I don’t think it’s that, although I can’t imagine this not being the very justifiable end of WPI.

Is it the blatancy of firing Judy, because Judy was their scientific director, their lead and primary researcher, and the only ace in their hand? I don’t think so.

My hunch is my being so stunned is not from the singular action of firing Judy, but rather in part that it marks the summit of the long succession of unwise actions that undermined the initial potential of WPI, but more importantly the summit of betrayal of the trust, hope and faith that we patients invested in WPI.

Given CFS history and all we’ve been through, trust, hope and faith are very precious scarce commodities for the CFS patients.

Many of us have given WPI money, but it’s only money.

Many of us have in our own ways have given WPI a lot of our time and energy in the ways we have supported WPI. But it’s only time and energy; we’ll have more time and energy.

But trust, hope and faith are not necessarily always able to be endlessly replenished.

Given what patients have been through and what their days ahead may hold, the amount of trust, hope and faith they have left may be quite finite. The erosion may for some be permanent.

We patients only have partial symptom relief from the medical treatments available. Trust hope and faith are far more precious than any of those treatments because they keep us alive, they keep us going.

Annette’s betrayal of our trust, hope and faith with her actions has betrayed the most precious thing we have.

I’m a very forgiving person, possibly to a fault, but I can not forgive for WPI has inflicted upon the patients and the science we rely upon.

John Herd


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