Stepping Out

By John Herd
July 10, 2011

Hearing thousands of voices, each whispering silent sufferings from behind closed door

Voices of desperations, losses and anguish, devastations to the core

Then further demoralized by promulgated pseudo scientific folk lore

I shared resources, gave patients support, disseminating related news

Promoted increased research, one step forward, then two steps we lose

Tied to impose accountability upon a governmental ruse

Done this, done that, everything I could

On the phone, in letters, and before microphones I stood

Sat on committees that would make headway, knock on wood

Yet here we are today and so little has changed

By the government and some organization patients have been shortchanged

If anything the political landscape seems even more deranged

Some claiming to be advocates building Internet domains

Spinning wheels endlessly, developing ineffective campaigns

But dare one speak honestly, and one receives heated disdains

Others presenting revisionist histories and spinning the truth

The Internet’s full of people acting so uncouth

Forcing anyone seeking unbiased accuracy to become a sleuth

Endless dialogs on the Internet, repeated again and again

Escalating contentious skirmishes, a despicable playpen

Oh for the days when we had only the pen

Meanwhile those trying to do good advocacy do not seem to last

As they grow weary of contending with a gladiatorial cast

The hostilities cause the sincere to burn out so fast

I’ve given more than two decades, it’s time I bow out

For despite still caring deeply… Will it ever change? I doubt.

So this John Herd, aside from maybe an occasional blog post, for now over and out.

© John Herd, ’11

May be reposted with prior permission

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