Help Where You Need It

Help Where You Need It

Has it been a grueling day, but you have to keep going?

Or did the day start before you were ready for it?

Millions experience Dragging Butt Syndrome (DBS), some continually.

DBS is ergonomically challenging and can be orthopedically debilitating.

After years of emperic research, scientist at the Herdistic Institute have invented a solution.

No longer must you suffer from friction burns on your butt or leave scuff marks across the carpet.

Simply slip on a pair of our patented Asscasters® shorts and you will glide about with ease.

The Herdistic Institute would be delighted to FedEx you a pair of Asscasters® shorts for $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

As a valued customer, we would also like to offer you our rechargeable JATO (jet-fuel assisted take off) Asscasters® shorts accessory lifting system for a mere additional charge of $99.95 plus shipping and handling.

The Asscasters® JATO canisters will help you get off the floor on those days when gravity feels too strong.

And if you order today we will give you a second set of Asscasters® JATO canisters absolutely free.

CAUTION: Asscasters® shorts are not recommended for use on steep inclines.


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