The Elimination of Bin Laden — Cause For Celebration?

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The Elimination of Bin Laden — Cause For Celebration?

By John Herd
May 2, 2011

Last night I learned that a US special forces team had killed Osama Bin Laden. When I turned on the television to get more details the news stations were showing impromptu celebrations at ground zero, in front of the White House and elsewhere. I immediately had very mixed feelings about about the celebratory events I was seeing.

I’d not hesitate to say that Bin Laden needed to be taken out, but it seems to me inappropriate to celebrate. The taking of an individual’s life, any individual’s life, is a solemn matter even if their elimination is very justified.

My immediate concern as I watched the television was that the killing of Bin Laden could potentially could trigger al-Qaeda or other radical groups to launch reprisal attacks upon the public. If the figurehead of any movement were killed the followers of the movement would be apt to rise up in some fashion. Why should we think it’s any different with al-Qaeda and other radical Muslim groups?

If such groups were to launch some kind of major retaliatory terrorist attacks all those celebrations in the streets would look very premature to say the least.

If the world could somehow accomplish establishment of a peace treaty agreement with global terrorists then I’d dance in the streets.

But as long as terrorism is such a global threat to so many people, I don’t feel celebrations are called for. The celebrations themselves could quite possibly contribute to provoking yet more terrorism.

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