Because a picture is worth a thousand words…

Okay, actually just because I was feeling mischievous. 🙂

Doctors Reeves, Jones and Wessely may have done more to change our lives, all be it negatively, than possibly any others doctors working on ME/CFS.

Given that their theories ignore and contradict immense amounts of biologic research, proliferation of their theories are not only not scientific, they are medically, ethically and sociologically irresponsible.

Their theories exemplify the worst of what happens when archaic misguided theory misrepresents itself as being science.

Their theories of psychological/behavioral etiology of ME/CFS have in turn imposed immense negative sociologic stigma upon patients’ lives

Given their direct hand in making our lives more difficult, I thought I should enshrine them together in a single graphic.

The picture had an error in it so I have temporarily taken it down. Wrong Dr. Jones. Sorry about that sir. And since credit should be placed where credit is do, even if it’s for shabby medical theory, I will post the corrected graphic with James Jones face, all be it from years ago.


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