Donating to the Whittemore Peterson Institute

Donating to the Whittemore Peterson Instituteevery dollar donated is a dollar donated to helping all of us

By John Herd

Given the number of pieces I’ve written about contributing funds to the Whittemore Peterson Institute, I don’t mean to give the impression that that is a predominant focus of mine; there are many vitally important issues and activities on my plate.

That said, I share the following because science, politics and our futures are so intertwined.

Having had a career of working with research doctors, I saw up close a lot of medical advancements and what they could bring about. Over and over I saw how in the end science trumps politics.

It is my belief that the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) has a far better approach than any other organization in how they’re exploring the physiology of our illness, whether that be in terms of XMRV work or other research.

WPI is committed to harnessing collaborative research. Whether it be within the walls of their new institute center or around the world, they are seeking out the best doctors/researchers they can find in particular fields to collaborate with. And they are getting such doctors on board. That unto itself is impressive since in the past few researchers were willing to get involved with anything related to CFS. WPI is making things happen.

Look at the progress WPI has made in one short year. Yes a year is a long time in terms of having to live with our illness, but it is a short time in terms of medical research and medical organizations.

More impressive is that WPI has achieved what they have without any funds from our health department. They have independently raised every penny for their work. The department of health has not given them any funding.

WPI is still in an embryonic stage, yet it has changed the landscape of our research and advocacy politics. As WPI evolves, becoming more involved with other research, clinical care and clinical trials, I suspect the positive influence of their work upon all of our lives will increase as well.

This is why I have donated funds to WPI despite my very limited hand to mouth economic situation. Every donation large or small helps. Even a small donation, the equivalent of a few magazines, may help them purchase a piece of research equipment or run another blood tests.

Having communicate with and met Annette Whittemore and Judy Mikovits, I can say without any hesitation that WPI first and foremost is about helping patients, helping us.

I can’t say that with confidence about some organizations and individuals in the CFS arena. Some seem more interested in increasing their political and economic standing than doing what may be best for those of us afflicted with the illness.

This is why I have donated all I could to WPI and will continue to do so. Every dollar donated is a dollar donated to helping all of us.

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