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The CFS Advisory Committee

The CFS Advisory Committee — If we always do what we’ve always done, we will get what we’ve always gotten By John Herd September 28, 2010 The CFS Advisory Committee (CFSAC) is impotent. For the better part of two decades I’ve … Continue reading

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A CFS Homage to a Homager

  Khaly Castle wrote an exquisite and a very powerful blog article, “Neverwhere – An Homage To Advocacy In The Trenches.” It is a must read.   With each of her blog articles the depth of her insights and … Continue reading

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The Unsung CFS Heroes and Heroines — Research Study Participants

The Unsung CFS Heroes and Heroines (part one) Research Study Participants By John Herd September 12, 2010 Throughout the history of CFS there have been many CFS patients who participated in research studies and off-label clinical trials. They are unsung heroes and … Continue reading

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Antiretroviral Treatment – Is There Room In Medicine For Compassionate Care?

Antiretroviral Treatment — Is there room in medicine for compassionate care  By John Herd September 11, 2010 Debates about the etiology of CFS have swirled around in repetitive circles for decades.  Periodically research has delivered small new insights into aspect … Continue reading

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